A night at the pub

Finally got to my favorite Pub tonight (Avenue Pub). Yay! Even met up with some friends there. It was a good evening 🙂

I did what I usually do and started off with some tastings (4 oz) of beers I’ve never had.  They’re always tapping new stuff there, so there’s always something new for me to try.

I first sampled three things:

Draeckenier: A Belgian Ale that’s pretty high in alcohol (aren’t they all??).  A slightly sweet taste but pretty darn refreshing.  They say it’s only available in one town in Belgium (Aalst). Funny, I was just looking at that town on the map recently,while planning for my Belgian beer trip.

Peche Mortel: This is from Quebec, Canada.  An Imperial Coffee Stout. You know, I’m not too familiar with Imperials.  I’m learning. This stout was WAY too alcoholic for me.  It really did taste like there was vodka in it or something. I do love coffee stouts, but unfortunately, not this one. Maybe it will grow on me, like hops did!

Desert Noir: This is Crispin Cider and it’s pretty good! It’s a bit more alcoholic tasting than your normal ol’ cider. But, it’s not really sickly sweet like a lot ciders either. So it’s up to you (and apparently, they’re all gluten free for those of you wondering).  There are a few different types and I’m not exactly sure which one this was. I shall find out!

Then, I needed my quota of Stone‘s Sublimely Self Righteous Black IPA because I love it.  So there’s that….and of course I got a bit of Abita’s Black IPA too. Also good! Give them a try. VERY hoppy….like, unbelievably hoppy.  If you plan on drinking anything else, leave these two until the end of the evening or the taste will take over.

I promise I’ll put up some of my better beer pictures soon. I usually take beer pictures with my phone, as it’s the easiest and quickest way to upload. So please excuse crappy pictures. And thanks to Jeff at the Pub who was very helpful!! And Al was working downstairs as usual….also a great beertender!

Is anyone going to the Top of the Hops Festival this Saturday on the Northshore in Mandeville, LA?? I so want to go…but I don’t think finances will allow it this time.






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