Beers for Japan

We recently attended the Drink for Japan event at the Avenue Pub. It was crowded and hot….but these were the perfect brews for the occasion!

Our first set was a glass of Sapporo and a Hitachino Classic IPA (front):


For our second set, S (my husband) had the Hitachino and I had NOLA Flambeau Red (front):


The Sapporo wasn’t really my thing, but S enjoys those kinds of beers. He’s a pilsner and lager kind of guy. We both LOVED the Hitachino! What a great beer for a hot afternoon. So crisp and really delicious. I hope the Kiuchi brewery will be back up on their feet again soon. As for the NOLA Flambeau….well, I love it. It’s one of my favorites brewed by NOLA so far.

And I thought I’d include yesterday afternoon’s Abita Amber by the open windows in the French Quarter…..on another hot afternoon. It quenched my thirst 🙂


I hope to be back at the Avenue Pub soon for another tasting.  Check out my newest beer book! Would YOU be interested in this book?




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