An afternoon at the pub

Since we’ve had some time off recently, we were able to get to the pub once again. And I can’t just “have a pint”. That doesn’t work for me. I MUST try new beers…..all the time. So I do the small 4 oz samples, and then perhaps end with either a 10 oz or a pint of something awesome. Maybe the folks over at Avenue Pub think I’m weird, or maybe they’d just wish already that I’d order full size brews instead of coming back to the bar every 15 minutes for more samples. I mean, I do pay for the 4 oz….so……I think it’s ok.

Their selection is just so tempting and I read about new beers they have on their Facebook pages, so I can’t just go and have a regular ol’ pint. You know what I mean? Are any of you like that? When you go to a bar, and they’ve got 4 taps, and only one decent one, well then, you have a pint! But not in this case.  So I must be really aggravating to the bartenders. I’m sorry!! They’re all really nice people though, and don’t show their frustration to me 🙂

I tried 3 new brews when I was there last, and then ended with my 10 oz of the awesome Ichtegem Grand Cru. It’s my new favorite there! You MUST try it.

Here we have two 4 oz samples. The lighter one in the back is the Leipziger Gose. Yes, it’s sour…very sour. I loved it! Great crisp, sour beer for a warm summer day (and yes, it’s warm down here already).  It’s a type of wheat beer from Germany that’s fairly low alcohol but has a pretty sharp tartness. Good stuff.  The other, darker beer below is the Saison de Silly. A pretty smooth beer. Not really sure how to describe this one. I’m not all that familiar with Saisons, but people say this doesn’t taste like a typical saison.

The next one I tried was the Chatoe Rogue Ditoire Black Lager. Woa. That’s one roasty beer. Dark….very good. I couldn’t drink a whole pint, but this 4 oz was just enough. And the 10 oz behind it is the Ichtegem.

And here are some new beers I bought, because I happened to be near a good store and thought I’d look in. I can’t go into a store with good beer and not buy anything. Again, I tried to go for the stuff I’ve never had.

Sorry for the ultra fuzzy picture….I think you get the idea, though:

Coming up soon……some of my opinions on some new bottles I’ve tried!!

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