Beer in Dallas

So I recently did a quick trip to Dallas and I had some pretty darn good beer there. (yes, I brought some home)

We went to this awesome pub (Trinity Hall Irish Pub) which was walking distance from our hotel. They had excellent beer on tap, as well as tons of great bottles. And they also served the most amazing barley stew ever! (click here to see more about my eats while in Dallas)

While at the pub:

My first evening:

Franconia Lager (from TX)-a good plain lager

Franconia Maibock-good, honey notes, a bit sweet for me but nice

Widmer KGB Russian Imperial Stout-very strong coffee nose, bitter, but an excellent beer!

Boulevard Tank 7- Belgian style farmhouse ale, quite good with a strong grapefruit nose, 8% alc. Really good!

Then we stopped at a nice place called The Barley House and we each had a beer out in the sun:

I had the Franconia Wheat, which was really refreshing.

Also had a Real Ale Full Moon Pale Rye Ale in a bottle at Trinity Pub. It was a bit bitter and hoppy. Couldn’t really taste rye….

I’ll try to do one more tasting post in the next few days about some recent brews I had at the Avenue Pub.

It’s American Craft Beer Week and there are tons of events going on. Which ones are YOU attending?




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