Europe Trip Part 3: Belgium I

So here we are. The final portion of our trip. The BEER portion (not that we didn’t have beer elsewhere!). This post may be a bit extensive, because it also includes pictures from our awesome Duvel Brewery tour.

We begin in Brussels, since that was our base. When we arrived, this is what we found in our hotel bar:

Welcome to Belgium!!

Of course I had to enjoy a welcome beer (sorry for the blurry phone pic)…

And that was one of the best welcome drinks ever! Delicious 🙂

Found a random bar in the evening and had a Grimbergen (can’t remember which kind). PS-they have one amazing site!! Oh so tasty!

First day we were off to Ghent, which was beautiful! We walked to the center of town, which was quite a ways from the main train station, but there are also trams that will take you there, I believe.

Let me first remind you that I had this awesome book with me:

(I may have an upcoming giveaway for it, coming soon!!)

Back to Ghent, our first stop was Aba-Jour, listed in the book.

I enjoyed a Westmalle and a Hommel Bier:

Both were excellent! They don’t have too many taps here, but very good ones. And like all of Belgium, your beer is served in your particular beer glass:

Awesome! I can’t get over that…I love it!

Then we visited the Waterhuis aan de Beirkant.

Lovely place where you can sit outside right alongside the canal.

I had the house-made Gandavum (dry-hopped blond). 7.5% alc.

…and a Piraat Ale. 10.5% alc.

Beer list:

(Van ‘t Vat is dutch for on tap)

The next day we spent wandering around Brussels. I stopped into an awesome beer store called Beer Mania, which was very close to our hotel, but not in such a great area. We got there 5 minutes before it closed…so I didn’t have much time. And with all the other beer places we went, I forgot to go back 😦

Another awesome bar, recommend in the book, was Poechenellekelder.

A nice place right across from the famous Mannekin Pis with lots of tables outside.

Lots of good beer on tap, of course.  I had to try a Faro, since I’d never had one. So I had a Lindemans Faro. It was very sweet. Sweeter than normal lambics. I liked it though…was a nice change from all the normal high alcohol Belgians. 4.8% alc

Then I moved on to a Witkap Stimulo. Poured a very yellow color. Not too strong, with more of the typical Belgian flavor at the end. 6% alc.

After walking around some more, we stopped at the Delirium Pub.

I enjoyed a nice and VERY sour Gueuze Tilquin. Loved it. 5% alc.

The Delirium Pub had lots of seats outside. It seemed to go on forever. Inside was a different story. It was VERY crowded. Not too many servers coming outside, so I just went in and ordered at the bar, then took it outside. They really have a ton of beers on tap!

Also found an awesome beer store in Brussels: Beer Planet

I bought a Liefmans Oud Bruin and a Westvleteren 12 to bring home!!

Next day was THE beer tour.  We took a train to Mechelen, which was a very nice town actually.

We stopped in at the Het Anker brewery quickly, but they had no tour ready. We were too early. I looked around the shop and grounds instead.

Yes, they make Gouden Carolus! Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any of that on tap, even locally! So I had to try a bottle instead, while still in Mechelen.

We stopped in at Afspraak (rec from the book) to enjoy that bottle:

It was the Hopsinjoor. Refermented in the bottle, like lots of Belgians. Unfiltered, large head, very hoppy. Good! 8% alc.

Some cool signs along the way:

So that’s it for Part A of Part 3 🙂  I will continue in the next post with the Duvel Brewery tour….so check back soon for that one.




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