Europe Trip Part 3: Belgium II


We took a bus from Mechelen to Breendonk. It dropped us off right in front of the Duvel Brewery.  First I’ll show you some pictures from the tour:

The tanks:


And then, of course, there was the “tasting” at the end. That means TWO FULL BEERS!

Our amazing tour guide, explaining the various beers and pouring:

I chose the Vedett and the Maredsous:

The Vedett was a really refreshing white. And well, the Maredsous was a strong Belgian. I got the Dubbel and it was excellent! They offered most of their beers on the taps (they now own La Chouffe, De Koninck, and Liefmans too). The Duvel itself is only offered in the bottle, since it referments in the bottle. BUT…the Single (referring to single fermentation) is offered on tap in some places. See here for info on the difference.

S got the Bel Pils and the De Koninck:

Both of those were good too! (but not as good as my Vedett and Maredsous)

Here we are, behind the bar:

Then we got a lesson in the proper way to pour a Duvel:

There should be a little left in the bottle, where the yeast collects.

You can see the yeast part on the left and the full glass of Duvel on the right.

A nice view of the tasting bar:

At the end of the tour, we got some nice gifts (which we ended up buying more of, for a friend!):

PS-I don’t recommend the bus. It never showed up on the way back! We waited for 40 minutes. Luckily, these two awesome ladies and their dog, Victor, walked by and offered to drive us back to the Mechelen train station!! Can you believe it? They were from Leuven and were super nice. Whoever you are, thank you so much!!!

Our last day, we visited Bruges. Another beautiful town. This one seemed smaller than the others, which was nice.  We had a nice walk through a park to get from the train station to the center of town. Unfortunately, it was a very rainy day.

Our first stop was De Halve Maan brewery. We didn’t go on the tour, but sat inside and had a nice relaxing beer.

Both beers were quite good. (I was surprised to find these bottles at the Bearden Beer Market in Knoxville, TN last week!!)

Moving on.   I wanted to stop in at Brugs Beertje, but it was closed. Sigh.

We stopped at Cambrinus, which was very crowded. They have a beautiful bar…lots of wood. The service wasn’t very good, but they did have a very thick book of beers, which I perused for a while. I got a Delirium Tremens on tap, since I hadn’t had one yet in Belgium. It was excellent! 8.5% alc.

Then I ordered a Westvleteren 8!!! (in a bottle, of course) Because I HAD to:

(me with my Westvleteren!!)

It was delicious! 8% alc. Do I look pretty toasted here? Because by this point, I kinda was….Well, it was my last day (and the high alcohol beer didn’t help).

Here’s a view of the inside of Cambrinus:

And that brings us to the end of the whole Europe tour! Thanks for reading. Sorry if the posts went on forever…..there was a lot of beer to taste 🙂

There are two places I wished I could’ve gotten to, but just didn’t have the time: Rodenbach (Palm) brewery and Cantillon Brewery. Maybe next time…..




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