Zwanze Week!

This is an exciting week for craft beer drinkers. Tomorrow is Zwanze Day 2011. You can find out more about it here. Events have been happening all week at The Avenue Pub here in New Orleans. On Wednesday evening, I attended a Sours tasting. Though there were many sour beers to be had, here are the five that I chose:

Grande Dames (Trois Dames, Switzerland): 7.2% alc, ultra sour with a hint of bitterness on the end at the back of the tongue. Very good! (the sourest of all that I tasted).

BeerBera (LoverBeer, Italy): A beautiful reddish color with a slightly medicinal smell and taste, but it grew on me as I sipped it.

Abbey de Saint Bon Chien(Switzerland) 2006: 10% alc, not as sour as the others but very nice, slightly oaky taste (perhaps from the oak barrels they were aged in).

Drie Fonteinen Oude Geuze (Belgium): very sour at first taste, but not quite as much later, a little hint of grapefruit on the end. Good!

Hannsens Oude Gueze (Belgium): 5% alc, sour, was going up my nose a bit, something very strange about this one…it made my throat hurt, as if I were eating something overly sweet. Hard to finish. Wouldn’t get this one again.

My two favorites were the Trois Dames and the Drie Fontainen!

We had a great time at the pub and chatted with Polly (the owner) for a long time. Boy, does she know her beer. I’m jealous.


And here’s a look at the newly renovated upstairs section of the pub:

Good job…looks awesome!

Tonight, there’s also a special tapping at the pub:

Cantillon St. Lamvinus tapping (one glass of St. Lamnvinus plus a two-pour ticket at 6 oz each for $18), September 16th 5-6 pm.

Tomorrow is the BIG day! Zwanze Day 2011!! I’m not sure I’ll be able to make it, though I want to:

Zwanze Day-tapping at 2 pm, get there early for a ticket (limited number), on balcony, Ticket for 2-6 oz pours for $12.

For more complete info on these events, click here.

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