Westvleteren and other tastings

My birthday was exactly one month ago. I decided to open my special bottle of Westvleteren 12 that I brought back from Belgium. You can read about my Belgian Beer trip here.

This beer is exquisite. I know I’ve read all about how it’s the “greatest beer in the world” and all. But seriously, I savored every sip. So rich and flavorful! Really something else. I had the opportunity to drink a bottle of the Westvleteren 8 on my trip and that too, was wonderful. It’s definitely not an everyday beer, or even a once a month beer. I’d love to have one every year on my birthday 🙂 You can actually order them online from Beer Planet. But shipping is so expensive. Maybe one day if I have some partners to go in on the deal with me and am able to have it delivered somewhere outside of my home……where there’s someone always there to sign for it…….ok, who wants in? Any Belgian beer lovers out there?

How can you resist??

As for the other few beers I just tried, have you heard of Squatter’s Beers? They’re located in Utah. Yeah, I know……”Utah has beer???” That was my first response.  (They probably have good coffee there by now too!) I saw some bottles of their IPA in Whole Foods and so I picked one up.

I loved it. Really delicious and more malty than your standard IPA. Most of the IPA’s I drink are pretty darn hoppy. So here’s the thing….we later went to our local pub and guess what? They had the Squatter’s IPA on tap! So we got one (it’s the one in the background below). Totally different than the bottle. But still really good….much, much hoppier. I just smelled it and could tell from that grapefruit aroma. Polly (the Pub owner), explained that many IPA’s can lose their hoppiness in transport, due to lack of refrigeration. So I’m guessing maybe that’s what happened.

(the front beer is the Bruges Zot unfiltered…one of my favorites from Belgium)

If you check out the Squatters website you will see that most of their beers are only 4% alc. Why? I just found out that you cannot serve any beer on tap that is over 4% alcohol in the state of Utah. So even the folks over at Squatters were jealous that I was having their own beer  (one of the few over 4%) on tap, when they could not! I’ve not seen any other of their beers in the store, but would love to try them.

Some upcoming events in the NOLA area:

Cantillon Mamouche tasting event:

October 26th at 7:30 pm, Avenue Pub, (Cantillon Mamouche, Anchorage White Out Wit, & Drie Fonteinen Kriek & Gueze) $20 plus tax

Drink with the Monks:

November 2nd, Avenue Pub, Beers from La Trappe, Rochefort, Orval, Chimay, and Westmalle, 5 glasses for $18

Van Steenberg at the Pub:

November 12th, 2-6 pm, Avenue Pub, Jeff Versales (grandson of the founder) tapping Piraat, Gulden Drack, Augustin, & others.

Lots of cool stuff going on….big Belgian Fest! And don’t forget to go pick up some Squatters Beer.

Any favorite Belgians??

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