Utah Beer


Utah…..such a beautiful place! And guess what? They’ve got good beer too. Never would have thought, several years ago. But it’s booming now.

I recently had a few beers from Utah that I really enjoyed.

Squatter’s IPA in a bottle. It was unbelievably hoppy! But quite good.

Then we had it on tap locally (here in Louisiana). Totally different!! Not very hoppy, but still delicious….something in the transport I guess.

Squatter’s Hop Rising. The ultimate in hoppyness….but I like it that way. Good stuff. (9% alc)

Wasatch Devastator (Double Bock)….high alcohol, dark, rich, and delicious!

I believe these are both brewed by the same company, under the name Utah Beers. Check them out if you have access. I wish we had more Utah beer down here…..who wants to send me some?

PS- did you know that in the state of Utah, you can’t serve beer on tap if it’s over 4%? Yup. So they can’t enjoy all of their own beers on tap. But I noticed that they make most of their beers right at 4% so that they are able to serve them locally.





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