Two Breweries in MA

Gloucester Harbor

Gloucester Harbor

Recently we visited the Northshore of Boston….a nice day visiting Salem, Rockport, and Gloucester. I made it a point to stop at Salem Beer Works and Cape Ann Brewing.

Salem Beer Works was nice. A pretty modern building and really high warehouse-like ceilings inside:




 We sat at the bar and I had a flight:



We’ve had some of these beers in bottles…just known as “Beer Works“, as they have several other locations in Eastern Massachusetts (Boston Beer Works, Salem Beer Works, etc.). We were surprised at how good they actually were. I hadn’t recalled that the bottles were anything special. But sometimes it just tastes better out of the tap, in the right atmosphere. You can see the list of beers they had:

IMAG1264 Many were pretty high alcohol. I tried the Derby St Nut Brown Ale, the Witch City Red, the Haymarket Hefeweizen, and the Custom House IPA. All good. Maybe the Brown and Hefeweizen were my favorites, if I HAD to pick.

Cape Ann Brewing in Gloucester:



We sat outside on the deck, by the water……smelled a bit like fish. What do you expect? Hello, Gorton’s! 

I was able to get a large flight here:



Not sure I can remember everything I had. But I DO remember that the Sunrise Saison was my absolute favorite! 

IMAG1286 IMAG1287


Again, we’d only had these in bottles here. If I can find the saison in a bottle, I will buy it! I remember their beer as being “ok” in the bottles. Not all were great on tap, but a few were quite good, and the Saison was outstanding. So it was definitely worth the trip. 

If you’re ever in the area….try these two places. However, I wouldn’t necessarily make a trip just to visit them. 





Welcome to New England!

We recently moved from New Orleans to New England. And so now I am drinking my way through the various regional brews. There are so many new ones I’d never even heard of….isn’t that great?

Here are just a few I’ve had. If you have any suggestions, please let me know!

These include the following breweries:

Wachusett Brewing

Cambridge Brewing

Berkshire Brewing



Cape Ann Brewing


Offshore Ale Co.

Somerville Brewing

High and Mighty

Pretty Things Beer and Ale Project

Thomas Hooker Brewing 

Opa-Opa Brewery

The People’s Pint Brewery

Nectar Ales (Firestone Brewing)




(that watermelon ale was pretty disgusting I must admit)



And there you have it….my first exploration of beers of New England. Feel free to suggest some more!!

I did notice something a bit strange about the beers up here in general. They are often mislabeled. Or perhaps it’s just not what I’m used to drinking. A Kolsch is not a Kolsch. A wheat is not really a wheat. A nut brown ale is more like a stout or a porter, and a Belgian is not quite as Belgian as I’d like it to be. Have you noticed that too?





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