Swedish Beer

Yesterday, the Avenue Pub had a big Swedish Beer Event. We were able to attend for a bit, but I was only able to taste five out of the nineteen Swedish beers they had on tap.  We arrived around 1 pm and found a table free inside. We didn’t buy a ticket for the special 3 pm tappings, as we weren’t staying that long. As time passed, it got busier and busier inside. Looks like it was a big success!

They numbered the beers so we could order more easily (yes, there were numbers on all the taps!)…..I wasn’t even going to try to pronounce any of the names 🙂

Here’s what I tried (all were 6 oz pours):

Oppigårds Amarillo Spring IPA (5.9%): very grapefruity like cascade hops, very good

Närke Slättöl (4.7%): described as an “American Pale Ale”, a nice bitterness that hits the back of your tongue (mild), very good, looks somewhat unfiltered..??

Närke Tanngnjost och Tanngrisner (7.1%): Holy smokes! uses smoked barley and rye, smells a bit “boozy” yet smoky, you definitely get the sense of burning logs/fire, probably good on a snowy day, peaty, definitely a sipper.

Nils Oscar Hop Yard IPA (7.3%): quite hoppy, not so grapefruity as the first one, very good

Nynashamn Tjockhult Tjinnok (Stockholm Chinook 5.1%): very different from the others, aroma of a strong cheese but not in the taste at all, clean and crisp, good if you don’t mind the smell.

You can find a full list of all the Swedish beers they had here.

I might go back soon and try a couple others before they run out. Don’t forget, you can even get $2 off THESE pints during crafty hour 4-6 pm. Usually, it’s only for the American craft beers, but I think they want to get through these so they can tap some new beers. So if you’re in NOLA, now’s your chance!

That’s me, wearing my Northampton Brewing shirt! There were even a few folks from Northampton at the event…they recognized my shirt 🙂






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