New England Tasting Fair

We stopped in quickly to the New England Tasting Fair at Atkins Farms Market in South Amherst and were surprised by all the local breweries that were there:

People’s Pint Greenfield, MA (restaurant/brewery) 

Lefty’s Brewing Greenfield, MA (brewery: tours/tastings)

Element Brewing Millers Falls, MA (brewery)

Brewmaster Jack Holyoke, MA (brewed at Paper City Brewing)

Berkshire Brewing South Deerfield, MA (brewery: tours/tasting)

Scantic River Brewery Hampden, MA (brewery)

We already know we like several of People’s Pints beers, so we didn’t try any here (no time). 



The guy at the Lefty’s booth was super friendly. Our favorite was definitely the Oktoberfest (and it wasn’t too malty!).


Element brewing was there with some growlers. I have to say I wasn’t overly impressed, but they did have a decent Gluten Free option (the Plasma).



The guy at the Brewmaster Jack booth was also quite friendly and knowledgable. I think we tasted all of them (except the porter)! Our favorites were the two from the “Hop Essence Series”, and we preferred the Hallertau Blanc just a bit better. We’ll definitely have to pick some of those up!



Then there’s the ol’ favorite, Berkshire Brewing Company! We’d already tasted most of theirs, but that didn’t stop us from sampling a little bit….Steel Rail is always a refreshing favorite. My husband likes the Pils too. 



The first booth we stopped at was Scantic River Brewery. I’d never heard of them….can you believe that? For me, the “Totally Massachusetts” was definitely my favorite. It uses only ingredients from Massachusetts. Pretty cool, no? Some of the others were quite good too, but unfortunately at this point, I can’t remember exactly which. I guess we’ll have to go buy them and try them again 🙂



It was a fun tasting event! Looking forward to more.



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